I kväll hatar jag allt. Fattar du? Allt. Framtiden, dåtiden, samtiden, skolan, studenten, tv, grönsaker, musik, kuddar, att sova, ord, alla jag känner, alla jag inte känner, listor, dagar, parkettgolv, kaffe latte och mig själv, mest av allt hatar jag mig jävla cp-själv för att jag hatar allt.


Sedan spelade Lasse W på Grammisgalan och det var en låt från cancerskivan och det var så fint att jag började gråta.

everybody’s got their problems
everybody says the same thing to you
it’s just a matter of how you solve them
and knowing how to change the things you’ve been through

I feel I’ve come to realize
how fast life can be compromised

step back to see what’s going on
I can’t believe this happened to you
this happened to you

it’s just a problem that we’re faced with am I
not the only one who hates to stand by

complications ended first in this line
with all these pictures running through my mind
knowing endless consequences
I feel so useless in this
get back, step back
and as for me, I can’t believe

part of me won’t agree
’cause I don’t know if it’s for sure
suddenly, suddenly
I don’t feel so insecure

why do things that matter the most
never end up being what we chose

now that I find no way so bad
I don’t think I knew what I had

(Sum 41 – The Hell Song)